Paper Resource Testimonial

Paper resource Testimonial

Paper Resource at CSS Media Packaging

Paper Resource at CSS Media Packaging

When CCS Media Packaging wanted to change its commercial recycling company, they came to Paper Resource.
They were looking for a company that combined strong customer relations with a focus on sustainability.
“We needed a company that could do commercial recycling, including paper, cardboard as well as plastics. Sustainability is important to us and Paper Resource,” said Gerry van Happen, CEO of CSS Media Packaging.
CCS knew they had found a company who were on the same page as them after touring the Paper Resource plant and discussing sustainable options. CCS even decided to have a baler installed for clear plastics in their plant, which was previously sent to landfill.

Plastic baler Compacted plastic at the CCS Media Packaging centre by Paper Resource Commercial Recycling

Plastic baler Compacted plastic at the CCS Media Packaging centre by Paper Resource Commercial Recycling

CCS uses next-generation presses to lower their waste sheets. They have installed solar panels on their roof because they believe in sustainability.
“The next step of our sustainable journey was finding a company as part of our supply chain to take our commercial recycling. Paper Resource were right for the job,” said van Happen.
“Another benefit of using Paper Resource is their flexibility. We can talk to drivers, go back and get things sorted. It becomes personal, and we want to build a proper relationship with the businesses we work with.”

For over 30 years, CCS has supplied high-end packaging for the Media, Games, Consumer, and Personal Care industries. They partner with some world-famous companies and brands and are significant Media and Non-print suppliers in Australia.

“We are delighted with the relationship and the support we are getting from Paper Resource. Business is unpredictable, and you have to be flexible when needed, and they have been doing great so far. We can’t recommend them enough.”
CCS has over 30 Paper Resource colour coded, labelled bins onsite, as well as balers and more. Paper Resource service CCS with a combination of enclosed Rearlift trucks, Curtain side Trucks & Frontlift. The clean, sorted material is processed at Paper Resource‚Äôs Kingsgrove Facility.

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