Our modern fleet of vehicles includes Front Lift, Rear Lift, Hook Lift, and Curtain Side trucks.

We can supply our customer with smaller plastic bins to large bulk steel bins, balers & compactors.

Front lift

  • Suitable for medium to high producers of waste and
    businesses requiring flexibility in bin sizes and systems.
  • They can handle all volumes of mixed solid waste as well as paper and cardboard recycling.

Rear Lift

  • Suitable for businesses with lower-volume commercial and industrial wastes
  • Businesses unable to store a front lift container on-site
  • Businesses with multiple waste generation points 
    Generators of office paper, printers offcuts & perishable wastes
  • Businesses with on-site height restrictions 
  • Businesses with high-frequency collection requirements 


  • Curtainside trucks service pallets of archive boxes
  • Pallets of printers off cuts and paper products
  • Paper cages
  • Cardboard and paper bales

Hook Lift

  • Hook lift trucks service compactors and bulk bins


  • High volume and long-term waste producers
  • Generators of heavy, high-density waste recyclable and non-recyclable
  • Sites with sufficient space available

Bulk Bins

  • Most suitable for high volume waste producers
  • Generators of low to medium density waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable


Our cardboard balers press cardboard waste into tightly packed bales using a powerful engine and a hydraulic mechanism.

The compressed bales, generally speaking, have the dimensions of a standard euro pallet. Overall, a cardboard baling press helps us recycle your cardboard more efficiently. Collection of bales are serviced by our Rearlift trucks or for larger volumes with pour Curtain side trucks

Paper Resource supply various size Blade and Auger Compactors to suit your site & volumes of material generated by the customer