Let’s Talk About Recycling in Australia

The most recent stats show that Australia generates nearly 70 million tonnes of waste each year – which averages out over 2.5 tonnes per person, per year.

Two-thirds of the waste is core waste and is dealt with by the likes of us here at Paper Resource. Many people are unaware of what happens once their waste goes into a bin at home/office.

In Australia, we recycle nearly 40 million tonnes of our waste according to ABS statistics. Companies and consumers want even more to be recycled, and councils are introducing new bins to allow consumers to break their recycling into different categories.

Paper Resource mainly works with businesses and focuses on printer offcuts and office paper recycling, secure document destruction, cardboard collection, as well as general recycling. 

The Australian Government is dedicated to helping the recycling industry. It has created a Recycling Modernisation Fund (RMF) which will generate $600 million of recycling investment from the Australian Government, state and territory governments and industry investments.

They are hoping that by mid-2024 when the full waste export ban comes into effect, Australia will be recycling around 650,000 additional tonnes of waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres each year.

A Government release stated: “Our waste and recycling industry will need to capture more materials for recycling and to do so cost-effectively. Australia must futureproof and resource its domestic waste and recycling sector to deliver the waste reduction and recycling outcomes that the community expects.”
“It is important that we take a national and strategic approach to findifinde infrastructure solutions. The Australian Government is working with states and territories and industry to deliver this.”

The Australian Government plans to invest $190 million into the RMF. This will leverage $600 million of recycling infrastructure investment and drive a billion-dollar transformation of Australia’s waste and recycling capacity. They believe the fund will divert over 10 million tonnes from landfill.