Recycling is a simple solution for businesses.

It’s time to get serious about recycling.

Many businesses are focussed on ‘net-zero’ while many are only getting their head around the basics for recycling. Every company can do its part.

Recycling is the key to reducing Australia’s impact on the environment and helping fight climate change.

We are experts in office paper recycling and printer off-cut recycling with over 50 years of experience.

Recycling saves natural resources. Every year billions of trees are cut down to make paper and cardboard, while here at Paper Resource, we do our best to recycle paper, cardboard, and so much more.

We are experts in office paper recycling and printer paper recycling with over 50 years of experience.

Paper recycling is a great way to improve your environmental performance and can include the recycling of photocopier paper, letterheads, laser prints, and more. Mixed paper can also be included in this such as files, envelopes, coloured paper etc. which we can sort at our depot.

Recycling can also save energy in the manufacturing process. It is often more efficient to create new goods from recycled materials than to extract and manufacture new ones.

Modern companies should be using recycled materials and avoid materials that don’t have an easy recycling solution or have a higher content of recycled fibre.

Here at Paper Resource, we can take care of your waste and recycling needs and help you lessen your impact on the environment.

We have a range of services on offer than can help you, including office paper recycling, document and product destruction, cardboard collection, and general waste disposal.

Our team also offers waste management solutions to help your business optimise its waste management, including:

  • Innovative solutions for all your business and waste management needs
  • Free waste auditing to identify waste streams through recovery and diversity
  • Increase your recycling rates and reduce costs
  • Custom-built compactor equipment to compact volumes reducing transport
  • Reuse solutions for all waste products or repurpose

Reducing waste

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