office paper recycling

We are experts in office paper recycling and printer off-cut recycling with over 50 years experience. This is our core business and we are always available to chat about taking your office paper or printer offcuts.

Paper recycling is a great way to improve your environmental performance and can include the recycling of photocopier paper, letterheads, laser prints, and more. Mixed paper can also be included in this such as files, envelopes, coloured paper etc which we can sort at our depot.

Paper can be stored in our wheeled bin systems or one of our larger bins and collections can be scheduled or on demand. We are more than happy to come and collect from your office, home or central storage area.

Call us for any office clearouts on (02) 8577 1000.

document destruction

When it comes to data destruction, your company’s sensitive documents and files should always be handled by professionals.
Paper Resource is fully accredited to collect and process confidential data.

We have over 50 years of experience across NSW with government and security services using our facilities. We control the entire document destruction process securely and confidentially in our closed-loop process.

All documents are destroyed with same-day processing assured and a Certificate of Destruction provided for all secure material collected and destroyed.

We can help protect your business from risks such as security breaches and identity theft, comply with all existing regulations to dispose of documents securely. Secure document destruction will also help protect your brand, reputation and pricing and reduce your exposure to litigation.

Your data is safe with us as we always aim for 0% landfill from all our activities.

Paper Resource offers the scale, coverage and efficiency you need, combined with a level of customer service that’s second to none from experienced, knowledgeable and friendly teams.

We deliver secure document destruction and disposal of confidential documents and data, with total flexibility to meet your needs.


Product Destruction

We specialise in product destruction with a quick turnaround. We have over fifty years experience across NSW with shredding and destruction equipment.
How often do you hear about credit theft, fraud, and other espionage with your valuable data? It’s important for your business to have the most secure product destruction system possible to prevent the loss of trade secrets, valuable information or simply personal details of your customers or your staff. To prevent the unthinkable from happening due to a breach in security we are here to help you.

We can destroy the following products and more: 

  • E-waste, electronics including hard drives
  • Documents
  • Recalls
  • Counterfeit
  • Clothing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Packaged Goods

You can rely on Paper Resource to protect your company and provide secure product destruction services in a cost effective and timely manner. We will destroy unwanted inventory and will ensure that it never reaches any marketplace.

Complete waste management solutions
We control the entire destruction process in our closed-loop process – from collection through to shredding or pulverising. When we’re done your materials are unrecognisable and unable to be reconstructed.

Corporate Security Collections
With our secure shredding and confidential destruction solution, your information will stay safe and secure.

Our Corporate Security Collections service is suitable for all businesses with sensitive and confidential documents, paperwork, computer hard copy, tapes, CD’s and microfiche.

cardboard Collection

Paper Resource offers bespoke services for recovered cardboard, paper recycling. We ensure cardboard is fully recycled at our owned licensed facility and never sent to landfill or used as waste to energy. We collect and recycle thousands of tonnes of cardboard every year from business across NSW and ACT.

We guarantee closed-loop recycling to return recycled cardboard to the market and supply compactors and balers for client’s cardboard recycling on-site needs.

At Paper Resource, we tailor our services for your needs, including cardboard, paper collection and recycling. We will assess your waste streams, installing equipment for improved operational efficiencies and achieving high recycling rates.

We offer:

  • Scheduled Cardboard Collections
  • Compaction Systems
  • Baling Equipment
  • Attractive Rebate Paid for Claim Material 

Our cardboard and paper recycling service help save your company money on waste management. It removes paper and bulky cardboard from general waste streams. It reduces waste going into landfill, which is suitable for your company’s corporate social responsibility.

And the great news is that when you recycle your paper and cardboard waste, it becomes new paper and cardboard products. The uses for recycled paper and cardboard include such things as, newspapers and insulation, as well as packaging and industrial paper and so much more.

We make your recycling sustainable. Say hello to the Sustaina-bale™. Our trademark paper baling service is proudly 100% recycled content. No landfill here!


General waste disposal

General waste bins are being used less and less across Australia thanks to recycling by business. We encourage everyone to recycle and use the proper bins but we realise that businesses create waste and it isn’t always feasible to recycle everything which is why we offer a General Waste service here at Paper Resource . We provide an easy and efficient business and domestic rubbish collection and waste disposal service across NSW. We provide a professional and reliable service which is the perfect alternative to skip hire, or sending your waste straight to landfill.
  • 240L, 660L, 1100L rearlift services
  • 1.5m3 3.0m3 4.5m3 frontlift services
  • 10m3, 15m3, 25m3, 32m3 bulk hooklift services
  • All industrial and commercial waste streams

Waste management solutions

We will work closely with your business through our waste stream audit check to develop a full waste management solution for your business. We look at all aspects of your business and help your organisation optimise and secure resources essential to the future of your business and the world.

We fully understand the needs for complete waste management strategies to help drive sustainability initiatives and can work with any of your team to help you come up with the right solution to fit your needs.

  • Innovative solutions for all your business and waste management needs
  • Free waste auditing
  • Increase your recycling rates and reduce costs
  • Custom built compactor equipment to reduce volumes
  • Reuse solutions for all waste products